2 Big Steps to Saving Major $ in the Mail

I know you’ve heard it this year: the directive to spend less money in the mail! But at the same time, you’re also asked to somehow maintain or even increase ROI with your direct mail program. Whether it’s because you need to spend more money in other channels — notably, email — than in previous years or simply because the economic pressures have come to bear, there’s never been a better time to closely examine your mail program and look where you can save money.

On Tuesday, the strategy to meet that challenge was thoroughly covered in the “Saving Major $ in the Mail” DirectMarketingIQ webinar, which is available on-demand for the next 90 days. Two direct mail and postal experts — David Mastervich, manager of catalogs and saturation mail for the USPS, and Mike Ertel, Vice President of Sales for IWCO Direct — discussed the key steps to take in order to reduce direct mail costs, yet maintain solid response rates.

Here are a few of the many that were mentioned:

1. Don’t reduce your direct mail volume! Stay in the mail!
Often, in a budget-slashing gesture, direct mail programs get cut down. Either the total volume is decreased, certain campaigns are put on the back burner or killed, and money is handed over to digital channels.

Mastervich says this is a big mistake. While “integrating” your marketing is more key than ever, that doesn’t mean that your company should be downsizing its direct mail program. Conversely, in this digital world, direct mail still has the greatest chance to stand out. While the image of “junk mail” filling the mailbox and swarming the kitchen table still lingers, it’s no longer true.

Rather, most Americans are in the midst of digital overload. Social media, email and mobile phones eat up a big section of everyone’s day. Along with TV, radio, billboards and other media, the average prospects gets hit by over 3,000 messages a day.

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