Nuts & Bolts - B-to-B: Lucky 7 Prospect Conversion Tips

Old-school direct marketing techniques still rule in new-school media, old channels still reach business prospects who like traditional messaging and proper data use is important. Those are just a few of the takeaways from “Multichannel Marketing for Business: New Ways to Find and Convert B-to-B Prospects—and How They Really Work,” a webinar hosted on Oct. 4 by Target Marketing.

Here are a few tips from the webinar’s roundtable discussion panelists:

1. Not everyone can be expert in every channel. Get help when necessary. —Bob Bly, copywriter, Internet marketing consultant and author of 80 books

2. Marketers who experiment with new channels need to ensure they’re not excluding prospects in other channels. —Jeff Adee, senior vice president of the B-to-B List Services Group, Infogroup Targeting Solutions

3. Marketers don’t need to integrate all channels if they’re not going to use all channels. —Bob Bly

4. Use marketing automation for lead scoring before turning leads over to sales, so they’ve been nurtured and warmed up. —Reggie Brady, president of Norwalk, Conn.-based Reggie Brady Marketing Solutions, a direct and email marketing consultancy

5. The effective use of social media relies on old concepts, like provoking fear, then solving a problem. —Jeff Molander, sales trainer at Cape Coral, Fla.–based education and training company Molander & Associates

6. Get prospects to a landing page. Don’t just keep the conversation on social media. —Jeff Molander

7. Don’t change the brand’s voice between channels. —All

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Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

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