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Exactly 100 percent. That’s the score most members of the 30 middle school students I taught one day in New York earned on a test of marketing slogans. This was the same class that couldn’t concentrate and became disruptive when I tried to lead them in a discussion about current events—any current events at all.
Marketing creative works. This was the lesson I, a freelance reporter most days, learned that day as a substitute teacher for the New York City Department of Education during the 2006-2007 school year.

The students matched the slogans to brands and vice versa. They got excited about getting them right. Then they talked about what they liked about the brands. Most students knew the brands intimately.

Do you think you can do as well as my middle school students?

Then take a look at this infographic from Australia’s “A Timeline of Marketing Slogans From Famous Brands.” M2 named slogans through the ages from McDonald’s and Coca-Cola, which my students aced. Another brand M2 honored in the chronology, Guinness, wasn’t on the middle school test. I don’t want to know how well the students would’ve done on that one.

Before you look at the infographic:

  • Which brand says “To Arthur”?
  • Which one said “Six Million a Day” in one of its historical slogans?
  • How about “You Deserve a Break Today”?

How did you do? Did you beat my middle school students?

What slogans stick in your mind, even when you’re trying to get them out? “Mmm Mmm Good!” or what Campbell Soup Company’s been saying lately, “Real food that matters for life’s moments“?

How about this one: What were people standing on a hill holding Coke bottles singing? Do you think “open happiness” or “AHH” will stick in American minds just as well?

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

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    Where is the link to the quiz? And what is the URL to the full infographic? That just links us to the main page for the M2onhold company.