Denny’s Daily Zinger: If You Get Fired …

The second largest newsstand magazine distributor is scheduled to go out of business.

Unable to collect millions of dollars owed, Time Inc. pulled the plug on Source Interlink Distribution. It could not exist without the giant Time account.

Six thousand jobs will be lost.

When I was fired from an agency in 1976, I had drinks with Rodale’s Bob Teufel. I wanted to go freelance, but needed guidance. Here’s was Teufel’s advice:

• If you are good at what you do—and have good people skills-go freelance. You’ll work harder than you ever have in your life, make more money and have more fun than you ever imagined.

• If one client fires you, you are still working.

• You can fire clients you don’t like.

• Spread out your work. If you promise to meet deadlines too close together, you will miss at least one of them and lose the client.

• Never rely on a single client or customer for more than 25 percent of your total revenue.

• Always make time to sell when you are busiest. Lining up new business is hard, tedious work-especially if the sales cycles are long. An individual or company can become consumed by current projects. Once these are completed, nothing new on the drawing boards can mean trouble ahead.

• Always go first class. Customers and clients like the aura of success. Dress well and entertain well.

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