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A Direct Marketer Gags on Obamacare

“God protect us from Amateurs!” —Henry Castor

August 12, 2014 By Denny Hatch
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Copywriters empathize.

They are highly paid to get inside the heads of those to whom they are writing. Copywriters think how their prospects and customers think and feel what they feel.  

Politicians have the hides of a rhinoceros.

Their overarching agenda: re-election at all costs.

Members of Congress must raise $12,000 a week in order to buy back their jobs every two or six years. All else is tertiary.

Totally focused on re-election, politicians have no time for understanding humanity or the feelings of the electorate. They preach at us from their bubble.

Preacher-in-Chief in the grandest of bubbles is President Barack Obama.

Health Insurance in the Early Days
When I was starting out in business, I had a series of lousy little jobs as well as lousy little paychecks.

Every time I received a paycheck, the stub showed automatic deductions. These included Federal and state taxes, as well as something called F.I.C.A.—Federal Insurance Contributions Act (a.k.a Social Security).

These deductions were a hefty percent of my already minuscule paycheck and always left me feeling ripped off.

"Death and taxes, yes," I groused. "But I wasn't going to retire for many, many years."

Whereupon I cashed the check, lived on the residue and thought no more about it.

In terms of health care, I paid dentists and doctors for minor ailments. Company insurance picked up the tab for bigger ills.

I was healthy. In between jobs I didn't think about it.

When Peggy and I went on our own, we bought high-deductible health insurance. As I recall, it cost us $10,000 a year 30 years ago.

Enter the Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. Obamacare
At age 79, I'm on Social Security, Medicare, Medi-gap and I have a doctor with a concierge service. It is seamless and gloriously efficient. I get world-class health care. I never see a bill. In my golden years I am completely free to think golden thoughts.

As a result, I paid minimal attention to the mechanics of Obamacare when it was launched.

I first smelled a rat last spring when the Obamacare website crashed, cutting off millions of potential customers.

As a direct marketer with 50 years under my belt, I know this is the kind of fulfillment system my industry can do in its sleep with one arm tied behind its back.



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