Editor's Notes: 8 Free Integrated Marketing Lessons

Thorin McGee, Editor-in-Chief/Content Director, Target Marketing

What’s the future of marketing? What can you do with augmented reality in direct mail and print marketing? How do you optimize print, email and marketing automation strategies to engage customers?

We can’t necessarily fit every topic we want to cover in this monthly magazine. That’s why we held an online event on Aug. 15: The Integrated Marketing Virtual Conference and Expo. The entire conference is now available for free, on-demand, at integratedmarketingconf.com.

It turned out to be a great show. Brian Solis delivered a keynote that lit up Twitter: “What’s the Future of Marketing?” M.J. Anderson from Trekk presented a session on augmented reality that brought the house down, and Cyndie Shaffstall (whom you may have heard on our “Direct Marketing on a Shoestring Budget” webinars with Carolyn Goodman) helped marketers understand how to bring the various channels together with marketing automation for full lifecycle marketing.

We also had sessions from “Big Data” expert Devyani Sadh, PhD, of Data Square; Ethan Boldt from Direct Marketing IQ; Gary Hennerberg from Hennerberg Group; and Jude Hoffner from J. Schmid & Assoc. It was an all-star event.

Want to see what it was like? Just scan this page with Layar to watch a video clip from Brian Solis’ keynote about how to communicate with today’s connected, and distracted, customers. Or watch it here!

Then check out the whole show at integratedmarketingconf.com.

Thorin McGee is editor-in-chief and content director of Target Marketing and oversees editorial direction and product development for the magazine, website and other channels.
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  • Highly Dangerass

    You explained exactly the way I am feeling as a business person who has too much on my plate to learn the new that changes on a daily basis. Also my budget is dry because of the struggles and costs it is taking to get anywhere.