Social Media: #WhatIsTrending

Arby’s Grammy night tweet was clever, relevant and on-brand.

Pharrell's reply to Arby's Grammy night tweet.

7 ways to ensure you get lucky on social media

Every year, we try to be one social step ahead of the pack. Inventing a new hashtag that will catch on viral fire, like #TBT, is easier said than done.

Social media is a living organism, and it’s anyone’s guess how it will evolve. By January 2015, your mom may receive a coupon on Snapchat. (Whether or not she’ll redeem it before it implodes is an entirely different story.)

If you are ready for a glimpse into the social future, look no further.

1. Forgo Facebook
In 2014, while Facebook remains a giant addictive platform, it will lack engagement. It’s already showing signs of passive interaction: Click the app, scroll the wall, like here, like there, close. Sponsored posts and viral thought catalog articles reminiscent of the chain email (remember those?) replace personal status updates and photos that were once the very core of Facebook. Because of this, your message will get lost in the mix, unless you pay to promote.

Not to mention, Facebook has officially lost its cool factor in 2014. Perhaps because the 55-plus audience has grown by 80.4 percent during the past three years—hangover memes are a little less funny when parents can see them (

Consider building your presence on Google+ and LinkedIn, which offer a professional social setting where audiences are receptive to reading expert content and connecting with your brand.

Don’t cut the cord on Facebook just yet. But know that in 2014, Facebook as your chief social platform will not suffice.

2. Live in the Moment
If you can plan your tweet in advance, it won’t survive in 2014. Social media’s competitive advantage is its ability to be instant; thus, extremely relevant. We’ve kicked and screamed and tried to share cool links at designated times through HootSuite. But the reality is, you’ve got to think on your feet.

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