7 Tips to Avoid the Most Common Mobile Marketing Pitfalls

Mobile traffic to websites is growing quickly. New mobile technologies offer us exciting new creative opportunities and developers are making millions by building bestselling apps. Before we run headfirst into mobile marketing however, there are some common mistakes that we need to avoid. Lets take a look at the most common pitfalls in mobile marketing:
1. It’s Not About the Device
The most often made mistake in mobile marketing is to focus on the device. The problem with this approach is your potential audience may well be using multiple devices at different times of the day and the devices they use will change over time. The reality is we need to focus on the user journey, understand this journey has become more complex and make sure that we are providing an optimum experience throughout.

2. Don’t Ignore Your Audience
Report after report has shown an increase in traffic to websites on mobile devices, but many organizations haven’t prioritized optimizing the mobile experience. Just because your website works on a mobile device, doesn’t mean you’re offering the best possible experience. Also, don’t forget to go beyond your website and think about how you interact via other channels like email and social media, and how well these channels are optimized for mobile.

3. Are You Responsive or Adaptive?
We use the term “responsive design” to describe websites that adjust to display correctly on the device they are being shown on. However, there are a range of different technologies and approaches to creating mobile optimized websites, and responsive design has become a catch-all term to describe these approaches (when in fact what many people are actually talking about is something called “adaptive design”). You don’t need to worry about the technology too much, but you need to make sure any designers or developers you are working with are!

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