6 Social Media Tricks to Optimize Email Campaigns

1. You can use social media to drive your email opt-in list. If you have a Facebook presence, for example, provide visitors to your profile the opportunity to both “Like” your page and register to be a part of your email marketing database. On Twitter, promote your list by teasing your pending campaign and adding a link to your email sign-up form. These are easy and painless ways to offer another point of entry.

2. Social media can provide marketers with deeper customer insights, allowing for better engagement and improved messaging. By taking the time to learn which social networks your customers frequent and finding where the discussions are taking place, you can determine what topics are being discussed and what content is being shared. This information will help you tap into the motivating factors that are driving your customers to share content, which will influence how you shape future content for your user base.

3. Every bit of integration provides opportunities to nurture a lead closer to the more serious commitment of providing an email address or even making a purchase. This is a huge benefit because in the past, when someone came and went from your website, the conversation was over. The opportunity to offer a smaller commitment to a social presence allows marketers to continue interacting with prospects, offering an extra tool to move them down the funnel to a strong commitment with your company.

4. There’s significant potential for aword of mouth” multiplier effect. This word of mouth multiplier can grow your list, increase awareness of your brand and drive your promotions.

5. Providing an opportunity to opt in through these channels increases the reach of your message. You can leverage your Facebook page to communicate about upcoming product upgrades, special events, awards and customer support announcements. You can use Twitter to create an ongoing dialogue stream with your subscribers to keep them engaged with your brand and product offerings.

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