6 Social Media Tricks to Optimize Email Campaigns

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Today, one in nine people on Earth uses Facebook. Facebook has become part of our daily routine—almost as basic as brushing our teeth. And when you consider how much time people spend on the network overall, the amazing marketing opportunity begins to take shape and have an impact on your company’s bottom line. According to the Syncapse Social Trac Report:

  • The average fan spends $71.84 on products they “like.”
  • On average, fans are 28 percent more likely to continue being loyal users.
  • The average fan is 41 percent more likely to recommend the product or service to friends.

Just as stunning in the social sphere—Twitter averages 190 million tweets every day. With the massive amount of conversations happening in this space, you cannot afford to ignore it. Twitter is great for updating your followers about what you are doing, providing 24/7 customer service and offering a personal touch for your brand. The channel is especially aligned with news distribution and networking that B-to-B marketers already do through newsletters, lead-nurture programs, as well as re-marketing, re-engagement and event campaigns. It’s a way to share articles and information with both prospects and your existing customer base and demonstrates just how knowledgeable you are about your industry.

Amid this great potential, email remains a top online marketing channel and continues to reign as a primary link between marketers and their customers in the digital world. The critical question marketers are (or should be) asking in that case is, “How can I take advantage of the all that social media has to offer using email?” It’s a lot easier than you think. Start by creating campaigns that are designed to communicate across all channels, including Facebook, Twitter, email and mobile, with one unified brand and voice. Integrating your messages across multiple channels and devices allows you to be more effective at reaching and engaging the consumer. Additionally, when email is integrated with social media, there are several opportunities to leverage the information between the channels to increase brand engagement and drive key marketing objectives. Here are six important social media elements to consider for your next email marketing campaign:

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