6 Questions Marketers Need to Ask Before Embarking on Cloud-Based Campaign Management

Cloud-based business solutions are creating a lot of buzz lately. And no wonder: World-class software applications are now available to fit any budget, providing speed-to-market advantages, with the majority of IT costs taken out of the equation.

The mainstay for direct marketers—campaign management—is finally available in the cloud, too. Marketing organizations of all sizes can get the sophistication and power they need without the IT cost and overhead of enterprise solutions, and their never-ending upgrade and maintenance regimens.

So how does an organization begin to use and benefit from cloud-based marketing solutions? A good starting point is asking the following questions:

  • Data—What are your data sources? How often are they updated? Identification of key marketing, customer, and interaction data sources has always been the bedrock your marketing capabilities are built upon. With cloud-based campaign management solutions, you may also be able to capture value from currently overlooked sources.
  • Hygiene—If there are multiple data sources, do you have a common key? Are there likely to be duplicates? Is there a need for enrichment from third-party data sources? Do you need a multi-dimensional customer view (e.g. account, customer, household)?
  • Channels—What marketing channels do you wish to employ? Email, direct mail, mobile, social? And in what order? Do you need to orchestrate a multichannel communications strategy? Do you need real-time communications?
  • Segmentation—Is there an existing customer segmentation scheme? Is it effective? Do you need to improve or augment the segmentations currently in place?
  • Content—How focused and relevant are your interactions with customers? Do you need to customize each message to fit the customer’s known interests, or are a few variations sufficient? Are you working with limited versions and testing due to technology constraints? Could you increase conversions with more granular cells and dynamic content?
  • Analytics—How is customer modeling done? Do you employ predictive models? Which ways do you collect and use response data? Do you need cross-channel response attribution? Better attribution?

With these key questions answered, you can begin to plan for a cloud-based marketing solution.

Dan Smith is the CMO of Minneapolis, Minn.-based Outsell LLC, a digital marketing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company that is transforming the way automotive brands engage with customers.

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