5 Ways to Make Your Content Marketing Pay

Content marketing rocks, and it’s official. Oglivy is calling 2013 the year of content marketing, Forbes say its “the next digital marketing revolution,” and Econsultancy’s latest research reports that 90 percent of in-house marketers think that content marketing will become more important this year.

Our own research shows it’s popular with buyers too. The Valuable Content Online Habits of UK Business People survey showed 92 percent of people had bought products as a result of online research, compared to just 1 percent who’d made a purchase through a telemarketing call.

So it’s popular with marketers and with buyers. Everyone’s happy. Right?

Yes, up to a point. But there’s a danger that in the stampede to join the content marketing gold rush, the quality slips. Buyers are looking for content, that much is true, but not just any old content. Only the valuable stuff will get picked up and acted upon. So how do you make yours pay?

1. Know your clients. Sounds obvious but it’s the No. 1 reason we see for content that doesn’t hit the mark. Clients are looking for answers to questions. They care about themselves and their problems, not you and your products. If you produce content that reads like a sales pitch, they’ll skip it and keep looking for the piece of content that shows it understands and talks to them. Make your clients and prospects the stars of your content, not you.

2. Don’t be dull. I’m busy, you’re busy, we’re all busy. If you want to grab attention and keep hold of it, your content can’t be boring. You’ve got a split second for a potential buyer to decide whether your content is worth spending precious time on, so think strong headlines, eye catching visuals and design that makes it blindingly obvious that you have the answers they’re searching for. Remember, too, that entertaining content gets shared on social networks, so there’s a commercial benefit in making them smile.

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