5 Steps to Crowdsource Video for B-to-B

By now, most savvy B-to-B marketers are aware of the advantages of featuring video on their websites and in their social media campaigns. The question isn’t whether or not to use video—it’s what type of video to use.
Video produced by an agency can be cost-prohibitive, and many internal marketing groups don’t have the time, resources or expertise to produce engaging video in-house. Crowdsourcing is an affordable alternative. Here are five reasons to crowdsource your video projects:

1. You Can Work With Partners Who Have Resources and Expertise: The prospect of crowdsourcing a video project scares some B-to-B marketers because they’re not sure where to begin—how to find a community of filmmakers, submit project proposals, etc. The good news is now you can partner with companies that specialize in video crowdsourcing. Consider the type of video you’d like to make, the level of involvement you favor and the budget you have, and take a look at the companies that can help you get it done.

2. You Can Get Multiple Videos at an Affordable Price: In a crowdsourcing arrangement, depending on which company you use, you may be able to get a discounted price when you purchase more than one video. And if you’re working with a quality filmmaking community, chances are you’ll want more than one after you view a selection. You can expect to see multiple creative takes on your message, and you may find that some of the runners-up are ideal for an upcoming campaign. Thanks to economies of scale, you can purchase them affordably.

3. You Can Get a Variety of Creative Concepts on How to Convey the Core Message: When you built your B-to-B video strategy, you likely focused on your target buyer and identified core messages. One of the great things about crowdsourcing is that you’ll receive a range of creative concepts on how to achieve your goal. Even the best in-house team tends to fall into groupthink, but that’s not an issue when you use crowdsourcing. If you find the right creative community, you’ll likely see concepts that never would have occurred to you—but might just be ideal.

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