5 Questions That Identify a Hassle-Free Data Solution for Online Campaigns

The volume of data online campaigns produce has grown exponentially, and it comes in a variety of forms. In the past, information was housed in data center silos in a uniform structure. Now, the data is fragmented and housed in a wide range of Web-based repositories with no real standard structure.

Customer data is marketing gold, so it’s important for marketers and advertisers to analyze it to gain the insights they need to sell products and services. But because online campaigns typically run on a variety of channels, with the ad buy spread across numerous partners and platforms, it can be a challenge to extract actionable insights.

In addition to the sheer volume, each data set has its own meta-data definitions, making apples-to-apples comparisons difficult. The addition of third-party verification and cross-campaign analysis creates another layer of complexity.

The solution is a uniform method to extract data that simplifies the complex for the user. Before purchase, marketers should ask the following questions in order to find an ideal solution:

  • Does the solution present integrated data in a single interface that manages all data sources and sets?
  • Does it run automatically without requiring user intervention?
  • Will it automatically handle problems—like server issues—with auto-correct tools?
  • Can it adapt quickly to manage metadata and underlying data set changes?
  • Does it extend easily to add new data sources and data sets?

Customer data is an extremely valuable commodity, but the complexities associated with today’s online campaign data can make it difficult to extract valid insights. The right data solution—one that is hassle-free for users—can make all the difference.

Satnam Gandhi is an associate vice president at Chatham, N.J.-based digital marketing product and service provider Theorem Inc. Reach him at satnam@theoreminc.net.

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