Nuts & Bolts - Research: Livening Up Marketing Studies

It took 13 years and $2.7 billion for the Human Genome Project to “determine the sequences of the 3 billion chemical base pairs that make up human DNA,” according to the Human Genome Program site. The same editors who presented that project to the world say now, sequencing “can be done in a few days” for what others report is about $1,000.

Cheap, quick and amazingly accurate. That’s what all of humanity seems to expect from research. That includes marketers.

Hence, marketing researchers must have the “always on” approach, says Vancouver, Canada-based market research firm Vision Critical. In November, Vision Critical announced its e-book, “The Quick and the Dead,” which reads:

“Adopting a standardized method for understanding the client’s needs at the outset, combined with building a team who work together to create the outcomes, and by being crystal clear about the outputs needed, allow research and insight to be produced both more effectively and more rapidly.”

The e-book advises:

Be able to act on imperfect and incomplete information, be right more often than others and be prepared to change when necessary.

Present findings in infographics, or devices that make the key information obvious, rather than in 90-page reports.

Use dashboards to display real-time reporting that highlights key information.

Enable interactive reporting, which allows users to construct the data view when they want, using the information they require, regardless of time of day or location.

Plan ahead.

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

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