5 Habits of Highly Successful Marketers

Editor’s note: In the recently published “Profiles in Marketing Excellence,” author and marketer Pamela Lockard interviewed 25 top marketers—including our own Denny Hatch—to discover what common traits made them successful. These are five habits that she found these experts shared, with quotes from the book about how those qualities changed their careers. What habits have been key to your marketing success?

1. Persevere
“Commitment and persistence are necessary in all businesses. … it’s like a roller coaster ride. One day you’re at the top of the world because you may have landed a big client. The next day, you’re down in the dumps because your best employee left. You must have persistence and commitment to see it through because the opportunities to give up come often.”
— Anita Campbell, founder and editor-in-chief, Small Business Trends

When it comes to Anita, proof is in the pudding. Her ability to persevere helped her create one of the highest-viewed small business publications on the web. Today, she has a reputation as a small-business marketing expert.

2. Embrace Change
“I think the key to our success was that we constantly embraced change and evolved. The ability to adapt and adjust with the times remains critical.”
— Mike Boylson, executive VP & CMO, J.C.Penney Inc.

“My advice to all advertising and marketing geniuses who think their business isn’t being redefined is to change or die.”
— Dr. Joe Cappo, professor of communication, DePaul University

Marketing continues to evolve at lightning speed. No one knows exactly how it will look in the future. However, top marketers do know that the future equals change and adapting equals success. Mike Boylson led J.C.Penney into the digital space to reach a younger, larger audience. Joe Cappo predicted today’s “Information Age” back in 1991 in the Advertising Age article titled, “Agencies: Change or Die.” Top marketers who read and stay abreast of change will maintain positions above tentative peers.

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