Copywriting: Magnetic Headlines

5 formulas that pull in traffic and 3 tips to write with allure

Headline writing is an immensely important aspect of marketing, yet it is an extremely difficult art to master.

Your headline is your first impression. Based upon this interaction, your prospects will decide whether or not they want to continue the conversation with your business, brand, etc. Whether you’re trying to get them to download your free report or read an article you wrote, the idea is the same. Your headline will determine the level of engagement you receive.

So what makes a great headline? There is no secret formula for success, unfortunately. However, there are some guidelines you can use to point your headlines in the right direction. Here are five categories you can use to make sure your headline is primed to engage prospects, and three general writing tips that will improve the quality of your headlines consistently and ensure you communicate in the most effective manner.

The 5 Types of Magnetic Headlines
When sitting down to draft headlines for your marketing collateral, consider the following five types of headlines that draw readers in:

Type 1: The best and the worst headline. These headlines look like this: “The 3 Best Ways to Treat Damaged Hair” or “The 7 Worst Home Decorating Choices You Can Make.” When people are taking the time to research something, they want to get the best tips and information they can, so they make the best choice. Conversely, they want to make sure they’re not making one of the “worst choices.” These headlines are very attractive to browsing prospects.

Type 2: The how-to/insider tip headline. People want to read expert opinions. They want to read information from an authority on the subject they are searching for, like “How to Plant Your Own Garden,” “How to Clean Your Own Jewelry at Home,” etc. How-to articles or insider tips from an expert are intriguing and generate a lot of clicks.

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