Nuts & Bolts - Social Media: 4 Repinnable Pinterest Tips

Image courtesy of Dan Zarrella/Hubspot

Pinterest, the social network where aphorisms go to live alongside (or in) photos, seems to be a marketer’s dream—and nightmare.

So, yes, posts of brands’ products have plenty of positive comments, but those “pins” and “repins” seem to happen at the whim of the Pinterest users. Or do they?

Here to help marketers understand how to get their content pinned on Pinterest in the first place and shared happily thereafter is Dan Zarrella, a “social media scientist” at Cambridge, Mass.-based marketing software provider HubSpot. He “gathered information on over 11,000 pinned images and did some analysis to create” an infographic that he shared in his April 11 blog post at “How to Get More Pins and Repins on Pinterest” removes some of the mystery for marketers’ newest “it” site:

  • “Aim to write ‘likeable’ content, rather than ‘commentable’ content for repins,” because his research shows that there’s a higher correlation between likes and repins than between comments and repins.
  • In order to have a photo pinned on the board in the first place, “images about design are the most 
commonly pinned.”
  • To be shared, posts about food “are very repinnable.”
  • Taller images and longer copy-about 200 characters-are the most repinnable posts.

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

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