Building Blogs that Boost SEO and CRM

Marketers who are gung-ho about search engine optimization often enter full-force into corporate blogging. Regularly posted, original content does help their SEO and their customer relations management efforts, but it’s possible to burn out or encounter other logistical problems.

Having experienced a few of those problems itself, El Segundo, Calif.-based search engine marketing firm Wpromote’s Aug. 19 e-newsletter, “The Wprogram,” features an article about the situation. In “Three Lessons To Help You Master The Corporate Blogging Challenge,” Amanda Moshier, lead content strategist, writes about reality setting in.

“‘We don’t have any writers on staff,'” Moshier writes in the voice of a hypothetical company’s representative. “‘All our writers are busy. We need more structure. Is anyone reading this thing? How is our traffic? Why are we doing this again?'”

Moshier says Wpromote, too, struggled to find a way to regularly update the corporate blog. Here’s her advice:

1. Two (or Five) Hands Are Better Than One. Wpromote actually switched from requiring one writer to post three to five times a week to having seven employees contribute, as well as mandating that anyone who has just returned from a conference provide a recap.

2. Keep blogs consistent. After more hands mix the batter, it’s important to ensure they do so during their shifts. Moshier says before her company got the mix of contributors right, the blog first had one overworked writer and then 10 who penned posts sporadically—some of whom waited until the last minute to ask for editorial help. The result was either three posts a day or a struggle to have three per week. Now she says the mix is just right.

3. Set guidelines. Let bloggers know what to do, how to do it and what deadlines to meet. “Depending on the size and nature of your business, there may be legal issues, marketing restrictions and PR-related concerns to address,” Moshier concludes. “You may need to implement or follow a social media policy, or restrict your bloggers to posting only on certain topics. This post doesn’t cover everything we do here at Wpromote to make sure our blog is one we are proud of and it isn’t intended to; we simply hope sharing our experience will help make your blog a success.”

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

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  • http://NancyScott Nancy Scott

    Nice job explaining the land mines in corporate blogging, Amanda. Knocking out five blogs a day is challenging, even for a professional writer. Why? You guys explain the reasons in another blog post []: Blogging calls for staying informed, being organized, having an opinion, sticking to the point, and being yourself.

  • http://NickUrban Nick Urban

    I am finding out that it seems that blogging should be an outsourced activity as it is difficult to keep up with [for] a small business owner

  • Furniture Barn

    Having something to say and being a wordsmith to say it is a different matter. I agree with Nick that blogging should be outsourced for those less than wordy.