3 Tips to Accelerate ROI With User Conferences

Marketers face a substantial challenge as they become increasingly responsible for the company’s growth agenda and top-line revenue. One key tactic for B-to-B marketing is the user conference. User conferences let marketers connect with customers and prospects in a face-to-face environment. But, putting on a user conference is a costly endeavor, and in the past these conferences have been measured on a primarily subjective basis, making it hard to prove ROI.

In 2014, CRM and marketing automation systems can be integrated with event management technology to connect the user conference effectively with the company’s revenue cycle. These technologies can enhance the event as a tool to help nurture attendees from prospects to leads, as well as provide the ability to cross sell and upsell additional offerings that directly affect bottom-line results.

The following tips and best practices demonstrate how event organizers and marketers can leverage user conferences and event management technology to generate bottom-line results for their companies.

1. Focus on the Attendee Experience
Attendees fill out registration form that collect ample amounts of personal information prior to attending a conference. Event organizers can gather specific details about each individual attendee, such as their company’s industry, job title and the unique goals they have for the event. Using this information, organizers can tailor the event experience to match the needs of each individual attendee type.

Every attendee touch point and communication should be personalized based on this information. Delivering highly relevant content to each attendee throughout the conference is key. From recommended informational sessions to targeted interactions, every touch should make attendees feel understood, help them achieve their conference goals, and increase their likelihood of attending a future event.

2. Build Participation and Engagement
Attendee participation and engagement are essential to a successful conference. Without the attendees, there would not be an event. Today’s social and mobile technologies are here to help by encouraging attendee participation and engagement before, during and after the event.

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