3 Direct Marketing Secrets Every Marketer Needs to Know

Brian Kurtz, executive vice president of Boardroom Inc., and keynote presenter at Direct Marketing Day @ Your Desk 2014.

“Dinosaurs & Cowboys: Direct Marketing Secrets Every Marketer Needs To Know Whether You Are Selling Online, Offline or Both” is the title of the keynote address for Direct Marketing Day @ Your Desk Virtual Conference on Thursday, March 13. It’s an ambitious title. What could every marketer really need to know? Especially crossing online and offline?

Well I’ve had the chance recently to work a lot with the keynote presenter and former Direct Marketer of the Year Brian Kurtz, and I can vouch that he knows many more than three things every direct marketer should know. Here are three of his brighter gems as a preview of the kinds of things you’ll hear at the keynote:

  1. Paying for marketing makes better marketers. Consequences are great teachers. It’s great that some forms of digital marketing (like email and social) have costs so intangible they don’t appear on the balance sheet. But marketing in a channel that you do pay for, where every message and every address adds to the cost and odds against success, makes you a better marketer. It forces you to push your offers, focus your list, hone your copy, and test until the campaign is perfect before you commit your full budget.
  2. Good marketing is applicable everywhere online and offline, from 1954 to 2014, from databases with millions of names to databases with hundreds. These all have more in common than you think, according to Kurtz.
  3. Your list is everything. Kurtz broke into direct marketing working on lists, and he credits it for giving him the foundation to be a really successful direct marketer. How deeply does Kurtz get into his lists? In a 2007 interview on Adrian Bye’s Meet Innovators, he said there’s a response indicator for mailing lists that matters at least as much, if not more, than any demographic, psychographic or purchasing data: the promotional piece that got that person on the list in the first place.

Kurtz is a fantastic and funny direct marketer, and I hope you’ll join us online on March 13 to hear more from him. Register today!

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  • Krish TechnoLabs

    I have one more secret is to track delivery rate of your direct mailing campaign, know where your mail is and when it reaches the customer, detect delivery problems if any and get prepared for the highest volume response day.