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2012 Media Usage Survey Extra: Where Are B-to-B Marketers Putting Their Money?

February 29, 2012 By Thorin McGee
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The 2012 Target Marketing Media Usage Survey results have been released in the March issue of Target Marketing magazine. In that article, you'll find composite results of where all responding marketers are allocating their direct response marketing budgets in terms of media, and also what technologies they're investing in. Here, let's take a deeper look at how specifically B-to-B companies are investing their budgets.

The charts in the media player at right contain the composite results as they appear in the article. Below are the answers that just the dedicated B-to-B marketers gave to these questions.

1. For each of the following direct marketing methods, do you plan to increase, decrease or keep consistent your 2012 budget? (B-to-B answers only.)

Advertising on outside websites

  • Increase           32%
  • Decrease          7%
  • Stay the same  29%
  • Do not use      33%

Affiliate marketing

  • Increase           16%
  • Decrease          6%
  • Stay the same  34%
  • Do not use      44%

Direct mail

  • Increase           34%
  • Decrease          13%
  • Stay the same  35%
  • Do not use      18%

DR radio

  • Increase           6%
  • Decrease          1%
  • Stay the same  5%
  • Do not use      88%

DR space (magazine, newspaper, etc.)

  • Increase           23%
  • Decrease          10%
  • Stay the same  22%
  • Do not use      45%

DR television

  • Increase           4%
  • Decrease          1%
  • Stay the same  5%
  • Do not use      91%




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