6 Email Marketing Predictions for 2012

As 2011 draws to a close, our thoughts race ahead to the campaign plans of tomorrow. What should the forward-thinking email marketer be considering as part of their email program for 2012? To help with this question, here are some predictions for email in 2012:

1. More emails will be sent than ever before in 2012. Consumers are signing up to receive emails in larger numbers. Everyone in email marketing should continue to focus on relevancy to ensure that they’re building quality mailing lists and, in doing so, maintaining a healthy sales conversion per audience ratio.

2. Subscribers will be demanding greater respect for their privacy. Consumers became more aware than ever this year about the amount of information available online related to their purchases and interests. Behavioral targeting via cookies has become the norm.

Perhaps the biggest impact on privacy and deliverability in 2011 came from changes to laws relating to consumer permission and protection. In 2012, you’ll need to show your subscribers more than ever that you’re trustworthy. It will be paramount to review your privacy and marketing policies to be sure they meet all legal requirements for every country that you send emails to.

CAN-SPAM and the new CASL stipulations need to be adhered to or you’ll be facing grave financial penalties. It’s important to clearly display how opt-in subscriptions will be handled and to what extent user data will be stored and shared.

3. It’s time to make sure email campaigns render well on mobile screens. An increasing amount of people started reading their emails on a mobile device in 2011, and smartphone prices are predicted to continue to drop. Readers will begin to demand that all messages are legible on their mobile devices. Therefore, email needs to continue to be mobile optimized.

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