2 Ways the Mobile Direct Marketing Audience Is Different

Full-page mobile ads are showing much more effective results than their Web-based counterparts. First, they have an easy opt-in selection and are delivered at a more natural point in the mobile application, which is not as distracting for the user. Kristina Hamilton, marketing manager for Greystripe in San Francisco, offers further insight: “Full screen ads offer 100 percent on-screen share of voice, which greatly reduces the number of false clicks that small banners commonly generate.”

Mobile marketing is not going to only be the future. It is the now. Although other avenues of marketing are important, the massive explosion of mobile users is happening now, and it’s time for companies and agencies to recognize the more social profile of the mobile user and build campaigns accordingly.

Danielle Thomas is a freelance writer, entrepreneur and researcher. She covers a wide range of topics for www.merchantseek.com. Reach her at danielle.thomas@startupmanagement.net.

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