2 Reasons Every Marketing Campaign Needs a Video

Ask marketers and they’ll tell you one of the top priorities for the year is developing and using video more effectively to meet customer’s expectations. In fact, according to TopRank Online Marketing, 70 percent of marketers use video regularly and 60 percent rate video as the most effective content tactic out there.
The adoption and strong approval for video content is mainly because the barriers to entry for production are lower than ever before, and because video really works to convert. It’s been found, for example, that the simple inclusion of video on a landing page can help you increase conversion by 80 percent.

Not only is video highly shareable, “snackable” content your customers love, but it can be used to guide prospects through the entire sales funnel, and you can tie videos directly to the amount of pipeline they generate.
1. You Can Align Video Content to the Buyer’s Journey
The modern customer researches your products and services independently and in-depth before interacting with sales. Moreover, during their due diligence, they require an average of four to seven pieces of content before short-listing your solution. Considering they will consume a good deal of content on your site, it’s your best bet to give them an expected and preferred content format, like video.

I always recommend that customers create a video content journey as part of a campaign that will propel buyers through the sales funnel. For example, if you start with an explainer video, you can have the video’s call to action point to the next video in the series, and so on and so forth, until there’s an option to convert with trial or purchase.

Not only do these videos easily convey emotion and showcase your helpful team, but they are quick to consume and your customers will appreciate a lean-back experience, where they can learn about your offering in a fast, engaging way.

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