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B-to-B Insights : Mobile Marketing on the Move

17 tips to kickstart your B-to-B mobile marketing efforts

December 2012 By Bob Bly
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Mobile Coupons and QR Codes
Couponing on mobile devices is growing in popularity. Also known as "m-couponing," this form of mobile marketing offers consumers electronic coupons or rebates that traverse the full redemption process without the requirement for conversion into a paper or other hard-copy format. Borrell Associates reports that mobile coupons get 10 times the redemption rate of traditional coupons.

QR Codes—which many marketers are already familiar with, but may have yet to master—have been growing in popularity in North America. Directly paralleling the rise in smartphone adoption, QR codes have become much more prevalent in marketing pieces both on and offline. They act as a visual hyperlink to a page, making it easy to jump someone to a mobile-optimized offer page.

17 Tips for Better Mobile Marketing
Here are 17 tips for mobile marketing:

1. Mobile ad campaigns must be cross-platform compatible. They need to display correctly on the iPhone, Blackberry, Android, tablets and other mobile devices.

2. Mobile ad messages must be short, clear and have a call to action. Mobile device users want to know why you're messaging them, what the deal is, what the benefit to them is and how to respond to take advantage of the offer.

3. QR Codes are effective for engaging customers with your brand. Link the QR Code to a mobile-only discount coupon, relevant video presentation, product information or other object of value.

4. Whenever possible, use the recipient's real name in your message so that it's more personal. Target your message to the known needs and buying habits of the recipient.

5. Identify yourself and your brand right up front. It doesn't pay to do anything else. Transparency in business practices today is the rule, rather than the exception.

6. Don't use text abbreviations or all capital letters for emphasis. The exception: using all-caps for the call to action.

7. Use text messages without large files, like photos, whenever possible. Instead, link to the mobile version of your website, blog or mobile-specific landing page for images and related information. The MMA's "Mobile Advertising Guidelines 5.0" states that file sizes should be less than 15K, and in some cases no larger than 6K.

8. In your email marketing, ask customers to provide their smartphone numbers. This way you can text them special discounts, product news and important announcements.

9. Don't message customers at odd hours of the day or night. No one wants to lose sleep or have their dinner interrupted—no matter how valuable your offer.

10. Avoid Sundays and holiday messaging. Only violate this rule if it's vital to the marketing strategy and relevant to your target audience.

11. Never send unsolicited messages (spam) to anybody.

12. Make it easy and simple to unsubscribe. "STOP" is a commonly used unsubscribe command.

13. Always conduct a usability test of your mobile marketing campaign. Ask everyone you know to receive your messages, respond to them and give you feedback on how they liked the experience. Don't forget to try it out for yourself. How does it look? Is it clear and easy to respond to?

14. Integrate your mobile marketing campaign with all other promotional efforts. Mention it on your blog, your e-commerce site, and via your social media sites, including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube and Pinterest.

15. Occasionally send out brief, non-commercial text messages with links to Web content that customers will find valuable. People don't want to be sold products or services all the time.

16. Offer exclusive content or discounts to your mobile customers. This way they feel special, like an elite crew of fans receiving unique favors and red-carpet treatment.

17. Define an objective and track your results. Use a mobile-only Web analytics service to track responses. Check out AdMob, Bango or iLoopmobile.

Bob Bly is a freelance copywriter and the author of 80 books, including "The White Paper Marketing Handbook" (Racom). Find him online at,via email at or phone (201) 505-9451.



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