10 Tips for Improving Landing Pages

We’ve all seen one. We’ve clicked on a link to get a whitepaper, and then there it was: the landing page. But what made you fill out the form and give up your contact information? More importantly, what didn’t stop you from filling out the form? Odds are that it was easy to do and involved quality branding.

Effective landing pages are essential to successful online marketing campaigns and are probably the single most important factor in determining whether or not you will convert a Web visitor into a lead that’s willing to give you their contact information.

But how can you ensure your landing page will entice the proper business leads?

Follow these 10 tips for improving landing pages and see if you notice a difference in your conversions.

1. Provide Continuity Between Ad and Landing Page
Web site visitors see an ad that grabs their attention and click to learn more. If you use graphics and copy on the landing page similar to your ad, the visitors will know they’ve come to the right place. You’ll also be repeating the image or offer that motivated them to click in the first place, further increasing their desire to get what they came for.

2. Brand Your Landing Page
Your company logo and name should be visible on the landing page so visitors immediately know who is responsible for the content. This is important whether your company is widely recognized in your industry or not. Visitors want to know whose site they are on—it increases their comfort level and trust.

3. Be Brief and To The Point
Write as little copy as possible to put forth a compelling value proposition that your visitors will act upon. Focus copy on the benefits of accepting your offer. Use bold headlines, bullet points and short sentences and paragraphs. Remember that people skim-read on the Web. There are times where longer, more detailed copy is appropriate, but it should be written keeping in mind that many people will merely scan what is written. Getting right to the point will get it done.

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