Winterberry Group’s 10 Direct and Digital Marketing Trends for 2011

Winterberry Group

A focus on traditional marketing topics in the digital space, an increase in mobile opportunities, and a slowing down of social media usage and adoption are just three of 10 direct and digital marketing trends for 2011 Bruce Biegel, managing director at Winterberry Group, a global marketing and advertising consulting firm, discussed at a recent Direct Marketing Club of New York luncheon. Here’s a recap of the 10 trends Biegel covered in his presentation:

1. A focus on traditional direct marketing concepts—including targeting, measurement and optimization—continues to dominate online marketing, Biegel said, “though brand is gaining share.”

2. Slow—but steady—economic improvement continues. “This will lead marketers to reinvest in acquisition, tests and new media,” Biegel said. “But budget and staffing increases lag recovery given the renewed focus on constant improvement.”

3. Regulators will remain focused on consumer privacy initiatives such as do not track and browser-based opt out, with increasing emphasis on marketer disclosure, consumer choice, and stricter regulation around collection and usage of personal data. That said, Biegel doesn’t believe any legislation in this area will pass this year.

“While it will be a hot topic in the press, and bills have been introduced in Congress on the subject, there’s a long comment period, so I don’t see anything passing in 2011,” he said. “But marketers should continue to pay close attention to it.”

4. Advancements in media buying across channels due to automation. Real-time media buying across the digital and traditional space will intensify thanks to sophisticated automated systems available now, Biegel said.

5. Mobile opportunities accelerate in concert with consumer adoption, improved technology, and enhanced agency and marketer expertise. “Yes, 2011 can be considered the year of mobile, and we’ll continue to see more and more spent on mobile” Biegel said. “But keep in mind that the amount is still incremental. Mobile still doesn’t present a massive opportunity.”

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