Is ‘Buy Now’ Twitter’s E-commerce Future?

Click to enlarge this screenshot from Re/code, which reports taking the image from Twitter.

A bird in hand is worth two clicks in an e-commerce site? Word is Twitter’s “buy now” buttons are visible on some tweets, allowing marketers to have a consumer’s first click be the last one. This, along with its pending online payment firm partnership and mobile re-targeting tech company purchase, makes it look like Twitter is planning a big e-commerce future.
Re/code found images on e-commerce site showing step-by-step procedures for Twitter users to follow after clicking on the “buy now” button below the message, or on a message marked “Twitter Commerce.” As of Friday afternoon, the pathway to those images remained locked with an “Access Denied” message. (Re/code reported locked the section of the site after Re/code requested comment.)

This move comes just two months after Twitter partnered with Amazon for #AmazonCart, in which Twitter users click on a tweet to add goods to their Amazon shopping carts. In February 2013, AmEx accountholders who synched their cards with Twitter could buy via hashtags.

The images Re/code uncovered don’t restrict buyers to just AmEx or Amazon.

However, Target Marketing‘s research on Friday didn’t uncover any “buy now” buttons, especially on the account in the diagrams, @FedericaMerigo. That account, before @HeatherReporter followed it, had 43 followers and 3,099 tweets, which all appear to lead to products on One of that account’s 43 followers works for Twitter, and Twitter’s co-founder Jack Dorsey is a board member.

In a related matter, Bloomberg reports—backed by AmEx and others—is seeking funding at a $1.2 billion valuation.

Twitter didn’t return an email from Target Marketing seeking comment about the “Buy Now” buttons, declined to comment for Re/code and hasn’t tweeted, blogged or announced its plans.

What appears to be happening?

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Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

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