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When to Remove Hard and Soft Bounces from Your File

December 21, 2011
This month we asked several email industry experts to provide their tips and advice on a topic that is sure to be top of mind with the increased email marketing activity this holiday season: what to do about hard and soft bounces....


Companies Mentioned:

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How to Make Sure Your Email Gets Delivered
September 9, 2011 From All About Email
Email delivery rates aren't vanity metrics; they're money in your pocket. There's no greater return on investment-defining figure than the number of successful deliveries your emails accumulate. It's easy to understand that improving your delivery rate equals more conversions. What's more, any incremental increase in your email delivery rate has a direct impact on your bottom line.
7 Email Deliverability Checks for a Stress-Free Holiday Season
November 4, 2011 From All About Email
The holiday season means more of everything: more food, more days off, more credit card debt and, for marketers, more email deliverability issues. Deliverability issues always come at the worst times and most people don’t have a contingency plan to deal with them. Here are seven things you should plan for now so you aren’t caught off guard during the holiday season:


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