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To Mail or To Email, That Is the Environmental Question

January 25, 2012
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Choosing a channel was not an issue for Shakespeare in the 1600s when his only option was to dip his quill in the ink well and draft his plays on whatever writing surface was available. Marketers today have many channels in which to communicate with their customers, but the savvy marketer considers the environment and the marketing return on the investment. If you’re a supporter of going green off the clock, shouldn’t you be practicing what you preach on the clock?...


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Setting Sustainability Goals: DMA Takes Industry Aim at Bottom-Line Benefits
January 23, 2012 From Chet Dalzell
One of the challenges for advancing sustainability in everyday business practice is that investments made toward the "triple" bottom line must indeed generate payback in three ways: financial, environmental and social. Many times, "people" (social) and "planet" (environmental) may get an obvious nod, but "profit" (financial) is difficult to articulate.
Production chart
Production : Asking the Right Questions
January 2012 From Target Marketing
Whether you call it "Green Purchasing," "Sustainable Sourcing" or "Environmentally Preferred Procurement," evaluating whether or not suppliers meet your own environmental standards—and creating buyer/supplier relationships that reinforce those standards—drives sustainability through your print and paper supply chains.


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