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The 12 Pillars of Reader-Friendly Email Marketing

June 27, 2012
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Ah, your first email message from the latest list you opted into. Cool! Let's check it out and see wha ... AAAH! Eyes burning? Yeah, you just got burned by some really unpleasant email marketing design. Okay, so maybe I'm being a little hyperbolic, but you must know what I'm talking about. What's with the flashing GIFs? Color overload? Excessive font experimentation? If you're guilty of any of those (or what we're about to talk about in this blog post), you might be rocking your email recipients' worlds, and not in a good way....


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3 Email Marketing Lessons to Learn From Telemarketers
June 22, 2012 From Today @ Target Marketing
In today's marketing world, you simply can't turn a prospect into a customer without email. And with each passing day, electronic communication becomes the most common way prospects first respond to a prospector. The telephone will always play a crucial part, but a well-crafted email strategy will go a long way toward making that dialogue happen.
If Email's Broken, Why Aren't You Fixing It?
June 1, 2012 From Carolyn Goodman
Call me naive, but I don't understand why any company should still be experiencing poor email open and click through rates. Let's cut to the chase: Successful email marketing consists of four parts: The List, the "From" line, the "Subject" line and the Creative. However, the most fascinating article I've read recently about how to design more effective emails comes from Red C, a direct and digital marketing communications agency based in the UK.


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