Postmaster Union to Congress: Get Out of the Way and Let Us Serve the Public

President Bob Rapoza addressed the National Association of Postmasters of the United States members on March 18, during the Leadership Conference’s general business session. … “We need to stress to our congressional representatives to come together and pass meaningful postal reform this year,” he urged. He told Postmasters when they visit Capitol Hill, they need to let their lawmakers know how frustrated they are with the inaction of Congress. “That’s the message you need to take to Capitol Hill,” he said, “and that’s the message I gave them during my testimony in front of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental

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  • Lynn Krenz

    The question isn’t why Congress is not passing postal reforms but why in the world these reforms are in the hands of Congress?

    Can you imagine any company trying to successfully run their business and need Congress to make business decisions for them? It is a broken model that needs to be privatized.

  • George

    Wonder how much attention postal workers could generate if they stopped delivering free mail on behalf of the members of congress? The rest of us pay for our own postage whether we are corresponding to loved ones, conducting business or campaigning against the current congress.