USPS Guarantee Fails to Draw U.S. Corporations Into Direct Mail

Offering a money-back guarantee for major corporations to try out direct mail campaigns has not proven successful for the U.S. Postal Service. The trial attracted no customers during the past 18 months. It launched the “Mail Works Guarantee” trial in June 2011 with the hope of giving cast-iron proof to large potential customers that direct marketing through the mail brings a good return on investment for the average marketing dollar. But alerting regulators to the end of the trial yesterday, USPS conceded that its offer was not taken up by any suitable corporations. “As a result, the Postal Service was

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  • Bob

    We used to do a lot of targeted direct mail, but each year it got more and more complicated to do using the USPS. We found out it was no longer cost effective. That coupled with all of the special language that only a person working within the postal service could comprehend or comply with caused us to give up on using direct mail.

  • Larry Perreault

    This is the first time I have heard of this program and I have been in the direct mail advertising business for 30 years. I wonder how they made companies aware of the program? Did they send a mailing to the companies on their target list, or perhaps to agencies that might be able to influence their client companies?