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Is Your Company Suffering From a (Visual) Identity Crisis?

December 19, 2012
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I am usually giving the “your logo is not your brand” speech and talking about trust and promises. I remind everyone that your brand isn’t how you look; it’s how you behave. All true. But this time, I do want to focus on how you look. I’m always a little surprised when I stumble upon large companies that don’t have their visual identities in synch. Visual consistency is vital to every company’s marketing efforts. In today’s world, our companies appear both on and offline at a staggering rate. We’re everywhere from an e-newsletter header to a Twitter background...


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If you visit Little Italy in New York City and stroll down Mulberry Street at dinner time, a dozen maitre d's accost you. Ultimately, the restaurant that enticed me had a quaint sign and a gentleman in a bow tie and apron, flanked by an easy-to-read menu. With no distracting gimmicks or hassles, I walked right in. In direct mail design, a similar "what you see is what you get" principle induces reader response.
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