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Is There a Perfect Time to Send an Email Campaign?

February 25, 2013
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Living in an "always on" society when we can access emails and the Internet 24 hours a day, marketers are constantly on the hunt for the perfect time to send an email marketing campaign to maximize visibility. Timing does impact the effectiveness of a campaign, and to identify the perfect send time, marketers need to understand and consider a number of inter-related facts. Whilst there can be no guarantee of reaching all subscribers at once, with analysis of the right data marketers can find their own perfect send time....


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Strategies for Boosting Engagement in a Changing Email Landscape
June 2, 2011 From eM+C Daily
Engagement has been a hot email marketing topic in 2011, primarily due to the way the inbox is changing how subscribers interact with brands. Email engagement can be portrayed in a number of ways, but an engaged subscriber is best defined as an email recipient that's opened, clicked or otherwise engaged with an email within the last six months. Some brands define engagement more conservatively, categorizing subscribers with no activity over three months as unengaged, while still others have developed more sophisticated formulas.
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What’s On the Minds of Email Marketers
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I lead a chat session with attendees of eM+C's Retail Marketing Virtual Conference & Expo late last month and enjoyed the dialog and all the questions raised. It's clear that even though email marketing is a pretty well-established channel, it's still not fully understood - or utilized - by the people tasked with generating higher response and revenue from it.


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