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How to Make Images Work in Your Direct Mail Campaign

May 27, 2014
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We have all heard the phrase "a picture is worth a thousand words." Smart marketers know strong, powerful images should always be included in a direct marketing campaign. Choosing the right photo to complement your campaign is important, and can make or break that vital first impression. The right images can lead to promising results. Direct mail typically consists of three components: the creative, the message and the offer. The image you choose falls under the creative category, and the message and offer further build upon and support that image...


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An old newsstand magazine salesman once said to me, "You wanna sell magazines? Have a cover you wanna kiss." Cover No. 1: In 1976, I was in a circulation meeting in the office of Esquire's legendary, beloved publisher Clay Felker. Suddenly, renowned designer Milton Glaser, co-proprietor of Push Pin Studio, stormed into the meeting unannounced along with a retinue of flunkies. Slamming a design down on Felker's desk


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