How to Find Out if Your Copywriter Is Helping or Hurting Your Business

To find out if your in-house copy strategy is working for your brand, there are telltale signs you can look for in your promotional materials, from websites to brochures to ads. These signs include: Passion Failure: Without brand passion, there’s no belonging and there’s loss of market share to brands who do inspire passion. Do your words pop off the page or screen? Superlative Overkill: If your copywriter’s using a lot of superlatives, then something might be wrong. Is your brand strong enough to speak for itself through its fans? Shaky ground: Making product claims

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  • Hania Jurdak

    I hope the article I wrote, featured here and titled "How to Find Out if Your Copywriter Is Helping or Hurting Your Business" proves to be useful for agencies and clients seeking to start or restart the conversation they’re having about their brands. It’s a new world out there – with walls breaking between media and advertising, and with your client needs rapidly changing with advances in communication technology. The good news is that navigating the complexity can be easy. It all begins with a vision…