Google Just Blasted Away the Wall Between Desktop and Mobile Ads

If you buy ads on Google, you may soon be a mobile advertiser—whether you like it or not. And you could be paying for the privilege. Google just announced that it is “enhancing” and “upgrading” AdWords for a world where people increasingly use mobile devices. The changes will take place by the middle of this year. In fact, Google is eliminating some ad-targeting capabilities—in particular, the ability to target specific mobile devices like tablets. In addition, it won’t be possible to run strictly mobile-only campaigns in the future. Instead, all campaigns will run on both desktop and mobile, according to

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  • David Freid | SEO | Search Engine Optimization

    Total spent 2012 online by those using mobile devices was 24.66 billion. That was up 81% over 2011. (this number does not include travel related purchases and ticket sales). Just FYI mobile includes tablets. This also is 11% of the total e-commerce sales in 2012. Enough said?

  • David Freid | SEO | Search Engine Optimization

    We love our freedom. Mobile is or should be every business owners strategy when considering marketing.