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Facebook Remains Gaping Hole in Advertising Industry's Privacy Program

November 27, 2012
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Can you have industry self-regulation if one of the biggest players isn't following the guidelines? That's the challenge for online advertising in the face of mounting privacy concerns, and the source is one of the Web's biggest ad sellers: Facebook. The social media giant is running behaviorally targeted ads on its site that don't include the little triangular icons that are the public face of the industry's push to be more transparent about targeting.


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Those crazy Facebook ads. At a recent session at the Acquisio User Summit on Facebook ads, 25 people raised their hands to indicate that they had used Facebook for advertising, while only four raised their hands to indicate that they had achieved any success with them. One of the biggest reasons is the low clickthrough rate (CTR) inherent on a site in which people are otherwise engaged. Getting someone to not just see, but actually click on an ad on Facebook is like the Mount Everest of digital advertising; many people have aspired to reach the top, but few have managed to see the world from the top of this lofty peak.
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I have spent 50 years in direct marketing. It is a precision business model with three elements that can be described in 85 words: 1) Testing. If something works in a small quantity, you run confirming tests in a larger arena. If the results hold up, you roll out and cream the market; 2) Discipline. Be it direct mail, off-the-page advertising or broadcast, the overriding constraints are size and accessibility of the specific universe and cost-per-thousand; and 3) Measurable Arithmetic. Rules include: allowable cost per order, ROI and lifetime value of the customer. Direct marketing arithmetic is precise right down to tenths and hundredths of a percentage-otherwise known as a gnat's eyebrow.


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