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Facebook Displays Percent of Users Who Like Pages Who Have Seen Specific Posts

May 25, 2012
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Facebook continues to quietly add and tweak features behind the scenes, without fanfare or announcements. The latest example is the addition of a percentage link to posts on brand pages, which enables page administrators to see what percentage of the users who like the page have seen the post....


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The Muddled Math of Social Media Marketing
May 22, 2012 From Today @ Target Marketing
I have spent 50 years in direct marketing. It is a precision business model with three elements that can be described in 85 words: 1) Testing. If something works in a small quantity, you run confirming tests in a larger arena. If the results hold up, you roll out and cream the market; 2) Discipline. Be it direct mail, off-the-page advertising or broadcast, the overriding constraints are size and accessibility of the specific universe and cost-per-thousand; and 3) Measurable Arithmetic. Rules include: allowable cost per order, ROI and lifetime value of the customer. Direct marketing arithmetic is precise right down to tenths and hundredths of a percentage-otherwise known as a gnat's eyebrow.
Five Ways to “Get Real” With B-to-B Social Media
May 10, 2012 From Ruth P. Stevens
Today, 89 percent of B-to-B marketers in the U.S. are using social media, says a study conducted by iTracks and the Business Marketing Association (BMA). In fact, B-to-B use of social media may have even eclipsed that of consumer marketers, according to another report from White Horse Productions. But the B-to-B marketers I talk to still sound confused. "What should I be doing," they ask. "What's really worth my time?"


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