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Effectively Using Direct Mail Within Your B-to-B Lead Generation and Marketing Strategies

December 7, 2012
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We’ve seen an increase in companies that are returning to use direct mail as an integral part of their B-to-B lead generation campaigns. More and more, companies are realizing that email is becoming white noise and that to break through the clutter, organizations need to invest more in understanding their audience and how they reach them. In three recent campaigns with multiple clients, we’ve seen a 12 percent lift in response rates by incorporating the use of letters and other mailers to supplement our email communications


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B-to-B Marketing Mythbusting, Redux
November 5, 2012 From Ruth P. Stevens
With a tip of the hat to Bob Bly, whose June article in Target Marketing magazine dispelled seven B-to-B marketing myths, I'd like to tackle some mythbusting of my own. Myth No. 1: Lead generation is the top job of B-to-B marketers. There is overwhelming evidence that B-to-B marketers consider lead generation their most important contribution. So why, you may rightly wonder, am I calling this a myth?
Rochester Software Associates mailer
B-to-B Insights : The Death of the BRC
October 2012 From Target Marketing
When I was starting out in marketing in the late 1970s, the standard response device in direct marketing was the business reply card (BRC). With the advent of PURLs (personalized URLs), use of the BRC declined dramatically. Many argued that the BRC was an unnecessary component of a direct mail package. Why waste a piece of card stock when the prospect could just go to a URL?


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