Desktop Ad Spend Forecast to Plummet $1.4 Billion in 2014

Starbucks uses responsive Web design to ensure visitors to its website via desktop, tablet and smartphone receive an appropriate experience that allows them to view and interact with content. 

eMarketer forecasts ad spend on the desktop to decline $1.4 billion this year. This, due to new data emerging from eMarketer that shows desktop spend only yielded 2 percent growth in 2013, while mobile ad spend grew about 121 percent. eMarketer estimates that “Google will have a notable influence on the overall shift from desktop to mobile search spending. In 2013, 76.4 percent of the company’s search ad revenues came from desktop. However, that share will fall to 66.3 percent in 2014 due to a $770 million decrease in desktop search ad revenues year over year.”

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